Holy Smoke says enough in their new song ”Is this America?”

Music has a strong impact in our society and during this crazy days where politics and celebrities are surely mixed, Holy Smokes ask, Is this America?

Their new Rock Anthem is an incredibly powerful statement to the actual situation happening in the US right now. The song is fully charged with all elements to get listeners rocking until the last second.

First, let’s listen to it here!

Are you feeling the song as much as me? Then don’t doubt in getting out there and supporting them via social media as well as subscribing on Youtube and Spotify!



Their wonderful Guitar Solo got over 7k plays in no time!

Listen to Dar.Ra! Rock on its pure state!

Let me tell you who is he!
He is a renown Irish rock solo artist known for his rock anthems, he has recently been making a push towards a new EDM style combining both the rock music and EDM genres to create something truly unique to the artist, allowing for the creation of the single “The Lights Dark Night Remix” which is already proving itself to be a hit with Dar.Ra’s dedicated fan base and following having countless streams and shares across all of the major social media sites by fans of both EDM and rock music. 

The Single “The Lights Dark Night Remix” alongside the official lyric video have already proven to be a huge success and a benchmark in the artists career as we head forward into the year 2020 with full force. 

Followers can keep up to date with Dar.Ra on his various social media accounts as he creates new sounds of rock and EDM inspired music which is guaranteed to be unique and fresh for listeners this year in 2020.

The brand new Single “The Lights Dark Night Remix” by Dar.Ra along with the official lyric video, are both now available to stream online via Youtube.

All his social media channels:


This artist blew my mind!

AB DVINCI is an up and coming rapper/song-writer from Corpus Christi, TX. His brand of hip-hop is a mixture of gritty, honest lyrics, and southern soul with enough bounce for any club, or ride. Equipped with an arsenal of numerous mixtapes, appearances, an electrifying stage presence, and material constantly hitting the streets; AB DVINCI is working to make his mark in the rap game. 

AB grew up in the barrios and blue collared neighborhoods of Robstown & Corpus Christi, TX. He was raised by a combination of hustlers, gangsters, a hard working step-father and a strong-willed mother. Dvinci’s biological father loved him very much but was still dangerously involved in the streets when AB was born so AB’s mother was forced to make a better life for the two of them. His mother did everything in her power to raise him with strong values and a good work ethic but like many of the youth in his city, he was drawn to the streets and began hustling while still in high school. 

Knowing he didn’t want to become another statistic, he began investing his energy and funds into his music. After a long road of trials he and his musical band of misfits have made waves with their string of projects, the hit single “Black on Black” on Wild 105.5 and show-stealing appearances in the viral sensations ” Corpus Christi Top Tier Cypher” and “Top Tier Cypher Pt. 2 : The Pinnacle”. The tests and trials of life have proven that AB DVINCI is ready for the majors and has a story that needs to be heard.

Want to hear his music? 

All his social media is here:






”Runaway 2020” by my friend Keith Bravo is just awesome!

Keith Bravo just released a new song and we have the exclusive for it!

Why not listening to the song while you read about him?

Keith Bravo’s highly anticipated new pop based single Runaway 2020 was produced by Sony affiliated music producer Jay Urban and is being released on June 25th on all platforms. Jay has produced records for the likes of Macklemore, Jason Derulo, Rich the Kid and more.

Runaway 2020 was recorded at the Brewery studio in Brooklyn, New York and Engineered by owner/lead Andrew Krivonos.

Although songwriting and recording professionally for over 10 years, this is Keith Bravo’s first international release and first song to be made available on all streaming platforms.  

Keith Bravo has won multiple song competitions in New York and throughout the United States, Which has landed him opening act gigs for major signed artists from both Warner and Spinnin Records. Keith is now looking to carry the momentum further with the release of new music during the coming months of 2020 and into 2021!





AjrDual is here to stay people! Listen to him now!

His song ”Day Of Our Lives” is having a huge impact within the #BLM movement and is a must listen to!

A bit about him:
I always wrote my thoughts whether it was journaling or write music, but I started writing as a means to escape at a point in my life. I mean it’s like a real coping mechanism for me, and I hit a time in my life that was a real low. And I see the same cycle throw my life with family,friends and people I know close. But one thing I find all people can find something to relate on is music. I mean look rap is the new Rock/Pop wave, and I know it sure pulled me out, that why I make sure ever word I speak is true and real to my beliefs of plus and negative, do you need both to create energy. It’s all a make up of what you put out in the universe. And this is my GiveBack.

AjrDual will be releasing a new EP soon following the success of his song, you can listen to ”Day of our Lives” right here! Be sure to also follow him on IG! @AjrDual


Listen to ‘Thank You’ by Danny Marcus!

Danny Marcus has spent years honing his unique brand of confessional folk/pop music, crafting simple, yet emotionally complex songs that have an immediate impact on the listener. These evocative, romantic and bitter-sweet tunes have caught the attention of many industry insiders including Nashville-based Century Music Group, with whom Danny will be recording a new 6-song EP this spring/summer. 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/19piiw8fNLz0IRfZJR3SvN?si=zPoFgni8SZSaGQ4lwcROOw

Bandcamp: https://dannymarcusmusic.bandcamp.com/album/thank-you

Be sure to follow and support him on his social media!

YouTube: https://youtu.be/FhU_EqavUj0
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/dannymarcus14

Meet ”Ariah” a great Metal Band with a new album!

I am lucky to introduce Ariah to you while they finish setting their profiles online!

A new metal band is born and they have an album for you to listen called ”The Spire”

To celebrate their beginnings I asked them for insights about the album:

The album is about a man who is sent to The Spire. A Tower located in a plane of existence that’s covered in sand, Bone and old stones with strange strange carvings in them. Not knowing what to do or where to go, he hears voices calling his name that echo from the The Spire. Drawn through the sounds of screaming and violent sand storms he enters the main hall of The Spire and is greeted by a dark misshapen figure who lays his hand on his shoulder…

To encourage them we recommend you to follow them on social media!





Mahdi Chishty, an artist to follow before his album release

May 29th will be the day that Mahdi will drop his upcoming album with over 20 fully completed new songs.

The artist has some serious numbers on Spotify and they keep raising day by day, I fully recommend listening to his song Downfall, a song that even Spotify added to one of their playlists!

We also encourage you to follow him on Spotify to stay up to his release! Join him and support a quite talented musician!

New Music from me and other awesome artists!

I find tons of incredible artists out there, and like me, they’re all working in lots of new music for people!

In this case I want to share one of the songs from MrBlackYP, a hip hop artist with incredible sound production and talent! If you’re one of my listeners who also loves Hip Hop then his music is for you!

He might be starting but he is going to hit hard in the industry! Be sure to follow him in social media as we all need support before we go bigger.


Musicians, it’s time to learn marketing!

We might not want to loose the focus off our music but if you want to succeed, at least until when you find once of those labels who will have somebody doing all this for you, then Marketing is your best option towards success.

Now, where should you invest in Marketing and what kind of Marketing should you be learning? I think in my opinion there are 3:

General Marketing: Perfect for you to learn branding and what it means to market yourself as a product, create that general image and that online respect you want to have so people will take you seriously.

Music Marketing: More obvious and related to the industry, this one will help you towards how to put your music in the right place and how to target the right people in the ways that will keep them with you forever.

You have some free learning blogs about it here: http://www.thealgorithmagency.com/music-studio/

Digital Marketing: More focused on Social Media and design for it, this is perfect to find new fans and to learn what not to do online!

Where can you learn all this?? So far after paying for tons of courses I believe The Algorithm Agency is probably the best for this, I spent money on courses that taught me nothing, I like how they keep creating and have real experience with artists like me! Also their courses are so far some of the most complete and cheapest out there, you can buy them in their Chuffed, https://chuffed.org/project/marketing-for-all

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