Listen to ‘Thank You’ by Danny Marcus!

Danny Marcus has spent years honing his unique brand of confessional folk/pop music, crafting simple, yet emotionally complex songs that have an immediate impact on the listener. These evocative, romantic and bitter-sweet tunes have caught the attention of many industry insiders including Nashville-based Century Music Group, with whom Danny will be recording a new 6-song EP this spring/summer. 



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Meet ”Ariah” a great Metal Band with a new album!

I am lucky to introduce Ariah to you while they finish setting their profiles online!

A new metal band is born and they have an album for you to listen called ”The Spire”

To celebrate their beginnings I asked them for insights about the album:

The album is about a man who is sent to The Spire. A Tower located in a plane of existence that’s covered in sand, Bone and old stones with strange strange carvings in them. Not knowing what to do or where to go, he hears voices calling his name that echo from the The Spire. Drawn through the sounds of screaming and violent sand storms he enters the main hall of The Spire and is greeted by a dark misshapen figure who lays his hand on his shoulder…

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Mahdi Chishty, an artist to follow before his album release

May 29th will be the day that Mahdi will drop his upcoming album with over 20 fully completed new songs.

The artist has some serious numbers on Spotify and they keep raising day by day, I fully recommend listening to his song Downfall, a song that even Spotify added to one of their playlists!

We also encourage you to follow him on Spotify to stay up to his release! Join him and support a quite talented musician!

New Music from me and other awesome artists!

I find tons of incredible artists out there, and like me, they’re all working in lots of new music for people!

In this case I want to share one of the songs from MrBlackYP, a hip hop artist with incredible sound production and talent! If you’re one of my listeners who also loves Hip Hop then his music is for you!

He might be starting but he is going to hit hard in the industry! Be sure to follow him in social media as we all need support before we go bigger.

Musicians, it’s time to learn marketing!

We might not want to loose the focus off our music but if you want to succeed, at least until when you find once of those labels who will have somebody doing all this for you, then Marketing is your best option towards success.

Now, where should you invest in Marketing and what kind of Marketing should you be learning? I think in my opinion there are 3:

General Marketing: Perfect for you to learn branding and what it means to market yourself as a product, create that general image and that online respect you want to have so people will take you seriously.

Music Marketing: More obvious and related to the industry, this one will help you towards how to put your music in the right place and how to target the right people in the ways that will keep them with you forever.

You have some free learning blogs about it here:

Digital Marketing: More focused on Social Media and design for it, this is perfect to find new fans and to learn what not to do online!

Where can you learn all this?? So far after paying for tons of courses I believe The Algorithm Agency is probably the best for this, I spent money on courses that taught me nothing, I like how they keep creating and have real experience with artists like me! Also their courses are so far some of the most complete and cheapest out there, you can buy them in their Chuffed,

Open Jam on the Rooftop

”Open Jam” becomes my first single achieving 100k plays on my Facebook page! Ironically, I’ll put the VEVO link here! 😛

We even got you some bloopers from the recording on my FerDaily!! Hope you like it!

See you at Algorithm Music Fest!

Hey!! As you probably know already, I’ll be releasing my new album at Algorithm Music Fest on October 12th, Hong Kong! Make sure to get your tickets soon! (we call them subscriptions)

Festival Website and tickets purchase

Strategies to release your song

Some of you might experience the ”Posted, now what?” feeling that new and experienced artist have with each song.

A song is like any other product, your phone, your clothing, your food, so let’s compare it to an iPhone. Apple is incredibly good at marketing, prior to releasing an iPhone they do multiple things, this is called the Pre-promotion.

First you start talking about how the iPhone might be, you create some mystery (in your case, style of the song, say that you are composing something, maybe let people hear a bit on your stories…) Apple always plays with the mystery, nobody knows what the new iPhone would have, but people imagine and they all know something is being created. This is really important for your music, releasing a song without no prior promotion is just for Beyonce.

Now think, If you post too much of the song, it might give too much content to the audience, too little, they can’t appreciate it, you need to calculate how much.

Once the iPhone is ready to be released, Apple gives the planet a date, posts everywhere about that date and make sure people are waiting for it, maybe even give some iPhones to influencers (In your case, make sure everybody knows you are releasing something and exactly when, you can even give some people you trust some parts of the song so they can also talk about it)

Time to release, make sure to post how excited you are about it before it happens and why not? A live video with fans when it’s released, maybe a watch party on Facebook, maybe on youtube! Do something so even the people who don’t care about your music knows about it! Think, Apple would sell their biggest amount of iPhones the first day, why? Because people have been obsessed about it for weeks!

Post release you need to understand this song has a long life, basically FOREVER. Same than iPhone’s software keeps being updated, why not releasing multiple material for your song? Each thing you do is a chance for new fans, you can do:

A video teaser, a lyric video, an official music video, a cover video of this song, a Behind The Scenes, a live version… and so many chances…

The most important is, people who hear your song and clicks on your profile can turn into Superfans who pay money if you have more songs and more content related to your music and the process.

Getting Exposure to your music

Hello Fam! I know the struggle you are having, how complex is to get people to hear your music and how impossible it can be getting fans one by one. I got you cover on this.

All musicians must expose their music in the widest way possible, thing is… most of them waste tons of money as it doesn’t make sense if I do RnB and people who just listen to EDM are receiving ads about my music. What you want to do is first, work on your branding and sound.

”Branding” is the most important thing to have when somebody finds you online, if you hear one song on the radio, store, friend’s house etc… but when people try to find you, you only have your song on a sad Soundcloud account, then of course they won’t turn into your fans. But if your brand is everywhere, exposure chances increases.

From posting on your official and well presented Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (Maybe Vevo like me) some high quality content, to go meet new people everyday. The key is ”looking for people that listens to artists like you”

Example: If my music sounds like Ariana Grande mixed with Becky G’s Rap, I need to find all the artists sounding like that, make a list, and expose myself to their followers. You can do this with Instagram/Facebook ads, or even just going to this big artists accounts and following their biggest followers (those who comment like crazy in their posts)

Once you have Branding you need Networking, probably this is the best example, I create groups with artists I believe will be big, to help them, know more about them, I go to performances of other artists to meet with them and I follow multiple artists daily! If you give them some value, they will give you back! Remember, music is not a competition! As more musicians around you, bigger your chances of success.

Then the last thing is… adding oil to your fire, there are thousands of ways, performing in new places who usually host artists with your style, collaborating with other artists (try that they have the same or bigger fandom than you) Hiring people working in marketing who has access to more tools, paying for promotion in big channels… everything you do for your music must be to add value, don’t just do a song, release it and hope for fans to go crazy. Because of the amount of information online, nobody receives your song even if they follow you!

Make sure to check The Algorithm Agency for more help about it! Cheers!

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