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Fat Lab Sound Records, a place that feels like home

When you think about finding a professional place to produce your music, usually we all get afraid due to the high costs this can mean to us. Maybe the fear comes from the lack of experience on the sector, past bad experiences or the feeling of ”not being home” in a place.

This is completely the opposite right here at the centre of Portugal in Lisbon, Fat Lab Sound Studios feels like home from the first moment. Their team are gentle and super comprehensive with each of the artists needs, they will organise to the best extend sessions for you to record, meet with them, introduce you to the team… they basically become friends instantly as they truly love their job and treat each person with maximum respect no matter their level of knowledge in the studio and quite important, their sound is one of the best you can get around Portugal and their prices are super affordable compared to other studios around Europe (and Asia)

Let me share you my experience so far:

As I have always been performing around Asia for 7 years, I’m used to be on stage and have a dynamic microphone on my hand, live sound, control of my voice while performing, tons of rehearsals, going home and record on the private corner of my house that I have installed my home Studio, even my Vocal Coaching was focusing on my technique for Live Performing, you get the idea. For some years I had multiple experiences due to my job sitting down at the Recording Studio with other artists, I’ve never felt comfortable at the studio, it was like the clock was ticking and we had to leave at o’clock with a person always checking on us. I was and still am lacking tons of knowledge about a recording microphone, so my first time on recordings I would freeze and feel judged, this changed here.

Now, this changed at Fat Lab Sound Records, Miguel Franco (@MFrancoProD), their lead sound engineer has the best patience I’ve seen in years, he will sit down, practice with you, help you warm up, make you feel like home, do anything necessary so your recording feels like the moment you composed that song. Time doesn’t pass there, you’re just comfortable learning as max as possible and if any of his team members are there, they’ll happily join and help in any way possible.

Recording at Fat Lab is just like learning and having fun with friends, I keep getting inspired and have the freedom to try, check from the control room, collect ideas from them and have full honesty. My Goals are far away from my actual knowledge and skills, but they are helping me achieve them.

The result is outstanding, I’d never imagine I could get this sound in Portugal! Their microphones are top quality, equipment selection is extensive and they have all kinds of Keyboards, Guitars, Bass… let me say also, their Drums are legit Legendary! For those who know about sound quality (not me but my other producers) they are shocked every time I show them the equipment we’re working with.

In shorter words, anybody can produce all their music professionally, have it mixed and mastered by one of the best sound engineers in the country, have their beats created by wonderful producers or step into a more organic world and have their big selection of musicians recording with some of the best instruments towards getting an epic Album while spending 1/5 of the money it would cost me in Asia or the US and feeling way more comfortable and confident about showing my ideas and trying some crazy thoughts.

Hopefully, this helps you towards deciding to come to Lisbon to record your music with the best (and the city is just wonderful!)

Full Thanks to Fat Lab Sound Records!

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