Getting Exposure to your music

Hello Fam! I know the struggle you are having, how complex is to get people to hear your music and how impossible it can be getting fans one by one. I got you cover on this.

All musicians must expose their music in the widest way possible, thing is… most of them waste tons of money as it doesn’t make sense if I do RnB and people who just listen to EDM are receiving ads about my music. What you want to do is first, work on your branding and sound.

”Branding” is the most important thing to have when somebody finds you online, if you hear one song on the radio, store, friend’s house etc… but when people try to find you, you only have your song on a sad Soundcloud account, then of course they won’t turn into your fans. But if your brand is everywhere, exposure chances increases.

From posting on your official and well presented Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (Maybe Vevo like me) some high quality content, to go meet new people everyday. The key is ”looking for people that listens to artists like you”

Example: If my music sounds like Ariana Grande mixed with Becky G’s Rap, I need to find all the artists sounding like that, make a list, and expose myself to their followers. You can do this with Instagram/Facebook ads, or even just going to this big artists accounts and following their biggest followers (those who comment like crazy in their posts)

Once you have Branding you need Networking, probably this is the best example, I create groups with artists I believe will be big, to help them, know more about them, I go to performances of other artists to meet with them and I follow multiple artists daily! If you give them some value, they will give you back! Remember, music is not a competition! As more musicians around you, bigger your chances of success.

Then the last thing is… adding oil to your fire, there are thousands of ways, performing in new places who usually host artists with your style, collaborating with other artists (try that they have the same or bigger fandom than you) Hiring people working in marketing who has access to more tools, paying for promotion in big channels… everything you do for your music must be to add value, don’t just do a song, release it and hope for fans to go crazy. Because of the amount of information online, nobody receives your song even if they follow you!

Make sure to check The Algorithm Agency for more help about it! Cheers!

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