Strategies to release your song

Some of you might experience the ”Posted, now what?” feeling that new and experienced artist have with each song.

A song is like any other product, your phone, your clothing, your food, so let’s compare it to an iPhone. Apple is incredibly good at marketing, prior to releasing an iPhone they do multiple things, this is called the Pre-promotion.

First you start talking about how the iPhone might be, you create some mystery (in your case, style of the song, say that you are composing something, maybe let people hear a bit on your stories…) Apple always plays with the mystery, nobody knows what the new iPhone would have, but people imagine and they all know something is being created. This is really important for your music, releasing a song without no prior promotion is just for Beyonce.

Now think, If you post too much of the song, it might give too much content to the audience, too little, they can’t appreciate it, you need to calculate how much.

Once the iPhone is ready to be released, Apple gives the planet a date, posts everywhere about that date and make sure people are waiting for it, maybe even give some iPhones to influencers (In your case, make sure everybody knows you are releasing something and exactly when, you can even give some people you trust some parts of the song so they can also talk about it)

Time to release, make sure to post how excited you are about it before it happens and why not? A live video with fans when it’s released, maybe a watch party on Facebook, maybe on youtube! Do something so even the people who don’t care about your music knows about it! Think, Apple would sell their biggest amount of iPhones the first day, why? Because people have been obsessed about it for weeks!

Post release you need to understand this song has a long life, basically FOREVER. Same than iPhone’s software keeps being updated, why not releasing multiple material for your song? Each thing you do is a chance for new fans, you can do:

A video teaser, a lyric video, an official music video, a cover video of this song, a Behind The Scenes, a live version… and so many chances…

The most important is, people who hear your song and clicks on your profile can turn into Superfans who pay money if you have more songs and more content related to your music and the process.

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