AjrDual is here to stay people! Listen to him now!

His song ”Day Of Our Lives” is having a huge impact within the #BLM movement and is a must listen to!

A bit about him:
I always wrote my thoughts whether it was journaling or write music, but I started writing as a means to escape at a point in my life. I mean it’s like a real coping mechanism for me, and I hit a time in my life that was a real low. And I see the same cycle throw my life with family,friends and people I know close. But one thing I find all people can find something to relate on is music. I mean look rap is the new Rock/Pop wave, and I know it sure pulled me out, that why I make sure ever word I speak is true and real to my beliefs of plus and negative, do you need both to create energy. It’s all a make up of what you put out in the universe. And this is my GiveBack.

AjrDual will be releasing a new EP soon following the success of his song, you can listen to ”Day of our Lives” right here! Be sure to also follow him on IG! @AjrDual


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