Shadows, a breathtaking song by Kevin Toqe

I can still remember how I met Kevin’s music. I watched his video performing Shadows via IG, I was so in love with the song I quickly searched on Spotify and found another incredible version of the song!

Wether Youtube or Spotify, both versions are on repeat now and I know his sound will reach the souls of many people. First, let me share his video:

But who is Kevin Toqe?

I would describe him as a Spiritual Leader for Musicians. 

With his unique and soulful blend of folk-R&B, Kevin weaves lyrics into a solid groove with depth and texture. He’s a singer, songwriter, and producer who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kevin, who is 50% Albanian and 100% Alopecian, now resides on the Central Coast of California with his spicy wife and two children.

You can hear all about his music on his Spotify as well as via Youtube.

His website it’s also wonderful!

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