It’s Motiv and he is here to stay!

Recently I was lucky enough to find an incredible new artist that just released a new song called ”She Stole My Heart” and is as well as his whole catalogue… quite awesome!

First we should all be adding his music to our playlists because… it is quite worth listening!

Now what do I know about Motiv? I asked him to describe his passion for music:

Imagine growing up knowing exactly what you wanted to be when you got older, having a set plan in motion for you. Your environment being nothing but an advocate for your future. Well.. that wasn’t me. My whole life I’ve yearned for a certain something to come along and guide me the way I’ve seen my peers be guided to college or sports scholarships, but the only thing thats ever taken a notice in me was music. And frankly that’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to take an interest in as well. I’m an outcast, someone you don’t pass the ball to for the last shot. Someone you don’t rely on to help pass a test. Someone who people think that he won’t amount to something, yet alone the far fetched dream of being a musician. I know I’m that person, and that’s what pushes me to work harder and stronger than anyone in my path who’s also dreaming to be an artist. Cause this career isn’t for the faint hearted, and I’m prepared to do what it takes to make it to the top. 

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