Ruby Black sets the Grime bar High

Recently I discovered a new Genre, something I knew it existed but could have never name until when I met her, I watched her music videos, I heard her music and of course, I obsessed about her new album Lady Death as much as a teenager. That’s the effect Ruby Black has on her audience!

First, let’s watch her new music video!

Ruby Black is a Grime soultress. She perfectly merges beauty with dirt, bringing the juxtaposed elements together in harmonious balance. I asked her to describe who she is:

My name is Ruby Black and I’m an independent recording artist. I make experimental Grime music – combining soulful melodic vocals with contemporary Grime beats and interesting, unusual narrative. My content is original, exciting and paving the way for other female artists to get a seat at the table in the male dominated grime scene.

I released my first work on Flowdan’s Label Spentshell then went completely independent this year. I’ve just created a music video for my latest EP entitled Lady Death and I will be releasing it on my new Youtube channel.

Well, her videos are out now as well as tons of incredible Grime Music on her profile, what are you waiting?

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