Cammi Kol might be new to the scene but…

Her new song titled ”Tiger” has nothing to fear about this industry! From a flawless lyric video, a beautiful delivery of the song, incredible indie rock influences and a great voice, ”Tiger” has everything to become an anthem. Don’t believe me? Listen to the song right here and find out by yourself!

But who is this incredible voice? Well, I have all the info for you right here!

Cammi Kol is new to the Aussie music scene and slowly breaking ground across the great big pond. Her previous hit single, ‘Right as Rain’ resonated with over 500 people. A clean addition to the indie rock genre, ‘Right as Rain’ creates a blissful four minutes for the listener – captivating the audience with her immaculate vocals and range with a bit of soul tucked away with plenty of room for some Sarah Mclachlan-esqu vibes. Overall, ‘Right as Rain’ has a lot of “technicolor” to it.

Ramping herself and the mates up for round two Cammi prepares for the launch of ‘Tiger’, another colorful addition to her collection. Using her admiration for progressive and heavy music, Kol creates a ballad fused with pop style and rock progression and composition. Cammie really lets the sparks fly with her vocals – accompanied by hearty and enticing guitar riffs the mood here is something special. The only thing to snap you out of your trance will be the riveting chorus and its poignant delivery.

Using some impactful storytelling methods Cammi combines melody and interpretation into a tribute to a coveted close one. Kol elaborates on her friendship.

“I’ve never known a friend as beautiful as him. He loves and supports me every day, and it fills me with utter sadness when his battles become his reality.” While harrowing and slightly ominous, she continues. “This really is my song for him – a literal miracle that blessed my life, and anything we face, we’re always stronger for it together. I’m quite an emotive person, and you’ll likely come to learn that raw emotion will always be present in my music.”

Cammi’s Kol music, if anything, is emotionally gripping and vulnerable. Behind soulful vocalization and personal lyrics is a very real human being. While you definitely can look forward to more to come from Kol, there is room for everyone who has a second to give ‘Tiger’ a spin and support a very worthy up and coming artist.

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