Fruta Brutal keeps surprising us!

You might heard me (or read me) sharing Fruta Brutal’s music online, this is because until today I’m a great fan of his music, not only of one song, multiple ones have made it to my playlists with only few seconds of listening! First, let me share his newest single ”Wait for It”

”Wait for it” is completely different from anything I heard about him, it’s a modern mix between synth and pop, like moving his music into a new direction.

This direction goes on a path away from massive songs he has like ”Jardines de las Delicias” A song that personally I love for the incredible blend of voices between Male and Female, the strings introduction and how it grows progressively into a rock song around the middle.

Without a doubt Frutal Brutal is testing new waters for unique sounds and experiences.

Other of his songs ” Terrified Fascinated” (massive rock fans you gotta listen to this) , Odara, Viva! are some of the great composed catalogue that is a must listen!

Who is him? You’re probably asking!

Fruta Brutal offers an eclectic repertoire of English, Spanish, and Spanglish compositions. The band’s message culminates in the effort to combat racial inequality and injustice. As an Ecuadorian immigrant, I feel it is my duty to create music with the intention of enabling intersections between listeners that wouldn’t otherwise be part of the same audience: English and Spanish speakers, as well as bilingual people, who come together to celebrate being part of the same society through the act of engaging in the artistic realm. I am now focusing on releasing new music that is more accessible to a wider audience. These upcoming singles continue to showcase the synthetic approach of FrutaBrutal, while implementing more modern tendencies. “Just Wait for It”, set to release Sept. 5, 2020, speaks of those who embrace not knowing exactly who they will be once profound change has taken its course within and around them. Given its meaning, and since it’s the first of a series of synth pop singles that I plan to release monthly, “Just Wait for It” is a great introduction for Fruta Brutal’s new direction. However, no matter what shape the music may take, Fruta Brutal will always support the ripening of cultural fruits that move us forward during times of backward brutality. #BLM #ImmigrantsAreBeautiful

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