My Stuff (Remix) just gets better!

You know how music can move a soul and a body into dancing, singing and having the best positive feeling! This is precisely how I feel when I listen to My Stuff (Remix) by Martez Gerard.

First, such blend of incredible voices! Apart from an incredible Gospel/RnB optimist sound, the song is full of different melodies, changes of the beat, happiness and harmonics.

Why am I describing it? Just go and listen bu yourself!

But who is Martez Gerard?

Martez Gerard has been singing since the age of three. His roots are in the church. Although, he has explored other genres of music, he is strongly connected to gospel. He is passionate about spreading the love of God to those who feel abandoned and lost. He uses his musical experiences and influences to convey a message of hope. He believes that love is universal and extends far beyond races, religions, and differences. Martez Gerard is a native of Albany, GA in the USA. 

The hit new song My Stuff, was birthed during a live worship experience. During this service the chorus of the song was born. Martez later wrote the first verse and the bridge. He pitched it to Raymond Darius Jackson who added the second verse and the catchy refrain, “I’m gonna get it!” Lastly, Carey the Dreamer put the finishing touches on the track with his clever rap lyrics. 

Martez Gerard has overcome many obstacles in his life from growing up in a single parent household to being bullied as a kid for loving the performing arts. He kept the faith and not allow anyone or anything to stop him from getting his stuff. He is the author of the personal development book, Successfully Overcoming Artificial Restrictions (SOAR). 

My Stuff (feat. Cary the Dreamer) [Remix] [Remix] – Single by Martez Gerard

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