Division III brings quite the music !

When you are looking for new music you usually tune into a Genre, you think well… because I like this one, I’ll probably like this one… It can be overwhelming when an artist only does one Genre! But then you have Artists like Division III. Their mix of sounds is impossible to define as a Genre and this is genius because the whole Catalogue and Songs options brings Pianos, electronic sounds, different Tempos, Voices and tons of organised craziness to the table.

From songs like ”Last Planet”, that evolves from a beautiful Piano to a trip into the unknown or ”Below 33” that brings a deep cinematic film feeling to the listener towards more futuristic and electronic synth sounds like ”E Y E 2” or ”Rollin de la Biblia” (I love the title)

His songs are full of changes and you can hear the sensual Ms. Elaineous’s voice on multiple songs, guiding you through the whole experience. Songs like ”Illusions” submerged me into a Virtual Reality experience and then you have ”Forever 86” one of the most listened songs by Division III!

But enough of me talking about each song! Go there and Listen right now! Even better, watch the last music videos!

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