DJ Czezre brings the power

Sometimes you wake up and you feel like you need great music to start your day, sometimes you feel like those songs you live might have a version that makes them unique, powerful, different… and that’s when you discover who DJ Czezre is! I love his music because he doesn’t care about creating short songs like artists are doing this days, he wants the listener to enjoy the maximum on each track. The composition evolves naturally, has rhythm and at the same time it respects the original version! I think is genius.

He created an Uncut version of a song called Prisoner by Vanessa Jackson and to be honest it’s quite the song! You should be listening to it while you read this blog.

His Spotify, as well as other channels includes more remixes of music you might love, why not following him on social media?

Apart from that you can listen to all his other released music on Spotify here!

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