Obsessed with Ruby Black

I said it, I’m legit obsessed with Ruby Black and you will be obsessed with her soon after reading this. First, her image is just perfect as an artist, her sound is completely different from anything I hear daily and her songs and music videos are crafted to perfection! Apart from that you get this dark inspired sound on her music that we all need to hear sometimes and she has a variety of melodies and sounds fitting each song with completely different vocals. I love how Lady Death delivers this ”Tarantino” type of film that you can watch right here, enjoy our Queen of Grime:

Have I spend hours singing ”Deep… I cut Deep…” Yes, multiple times but the hype doesn’t end here, other songs like Wolf Woman show a massive range of vocals (and is a more RnB connected song) Apart from this, she is releasing new music (a whole EP coming soon!)

She recently released a new Lyric Video for one of her past song called ”She’s Ugly”

Of course you should be subscribing to her Youtube channel as well as Listening on Spotify! Her handle on all social media is easy: @IamRubyBlack




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