Brandon Brass, a new Hip Hop Artist is here!

You know how music is this days, tons of musicians, tons of new music being released but that doesn’t mean our past songs are not worth listening to. Lucky for me, on one of my Hip Hop inspired days I received this EP titled ”Your deadliest opponent”, I was of course curious, nice title (I thought)

What I found was a talented young artist with one EP (5 songs in it) who recently just released another EP that sounds as awesome as his first! You know what that means, I scrolled and listened to each of the 10 songs by him and even though ”Your deadliest opponent” is still in my head, I love other songs from Brando Brass (like ”Pressure”) ”Super Sad Planet” is one of my favs from his new EP that brings a different vibe to his catalogue. Why am I telling you this? Just go and listen to him non stop!

Of course you should be following him on social media as well as supporting!

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