100K views on Sofi Maeda’s new music video!

Sofi Maeda definitely knows how to get her music heard and proof of this are her 2 recent music videos! ”Ashita” with over 228K views already on Youtube is definitely calling attention from people all over the world, specially Russia and Japan as she is originally from Japan but moved to Russia when she was really young. Such a mix of cultures!

But gaining way more attention is her music video for ”Macfduck” (Yes, you can imagine what it means) Her newest song and music video has her running from her past in a full rock On song! What’s really interesting about Sofi is how she can sing both in English and Japanese with a full control of her voice!

Of course it is a must watching her music video for Ashita as well!

Best part of the journey for her is still to come as now that more people are reaching, she can release more incredible music! Why don’t you support her by following on social media?


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