Yesteryear by NWMN, must listen to everybody!

I had the luck to be one of the first listening to ”Low” by NWMN and even though his album is still not out, I can only say that I love it and it will definitely be on all my playlists! Hip Hop lovers, be ready to fall deep down low and get lost in his music because it promises to be hit after hit.

”Low” has a massive array of details that can’t be missed, a great loop that hooks you up along the song, NWMN control of his voice and style makes the song a masterpiece.

In the artist own words: 
The album Yesteryear Vol.II details a mixture of life experiences NWMN has encountered throughout his journey both in life and through music. It reflects on the many temptations one faces when they are chasing any sort of goal or dream, but more specifically, it addresses the mental struggles he has faced on his journey in life thus far. In many ways the album embodies an “insider’s perspective” on his ideology and thinking, with further complements of lighter, more trap and party anthem based pieces littered between to appeal to his southern roots, and give nods to much of the music culture he has grown up around prior to his recent move to LA. The piece as a whole is a unique take on alternative trap with added elements of rock to accumulate into a piece that has elements appealing to most urban music listeners.

Have you see this cover pic? This has me hyped to the extreme! Be sure to follow him on social media so you can stay up to each detail! Full album available on November 13th!

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