Thanks DNDMC, this is what music is for

”White Privilege” by DNDMC defines clearly all the craziness happening right in front of us.

It’s not a secret that I’m a great supporter of activism and clearly, when it comes to Racism, it hits close to home listening to a song that is deeply done to denounce the situation that millions of people are living daily (and have been living for hundreds of years) right next to us. It can be your neighbour, your friend, your family… I only know one thing, it takes Extreme courage and sense of Justice to release such incredible message.

From me to DNDMC, you have my gratitude and respect.

At first, upon receiving this song on my Discover Weekly on Spotify I felt wrongly targeted, that’s why I decided to listen to the lyrics:

”Dear White America”

I was so afraid just by listening to the chorus, ”I’m blessed, bless to not get shot down when I see the police” and then, couple sentences after is when I realised I would be listening to DNDMC for the rest of my life. For me, this Is what Hip Hop music was made for, to denounce injustice.

Unraveling my curiosity I heard the song multiple times, even searched for the lyric video just to be certain this was a real thing. First, let me clarify that the song is a full statement to defend all races and is crafted to perfection, not only the delivery from the artist is spotless and driven by intention on each word, the production, from a professional perspective, the way is written, the hook that plays such important part on the overall message is just spotless.”White Privilege” might be his first single, but believe me when I tell you, it won’t be the last.

The Lyric Video is also a flawless piece of content like we can barely see on Youtube. It’s honest, it shows precisely what hurts to watch and it has the capabilities to make the listener feel uncomfortable and reconsider their position in a matter that should not even be political in the first place. DNDMC, your work will resonate through the minds of each listener.

Thanks for the courage and talent.

Definitely worth following and checking him out!

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