What’s failing with your Music Promotion?

The more I work with artists the more I realise we’re all falling into the same mistakes (me included).

There is a massive trend along the Indie industry that is not allowing any artists to grow and equate to those with a label and a whole marketing team, this is what I call ”misleading results”.

”Misleading Results” are those happening more and more daily as the trend of promoting music grows (for example on Spotify) Let me elaborate:

  1. Artists feel they are succeeding in the industry because after a promotion the monthly listeners and streams increases. This is obviously a dopamine shot to each of us when we see big numbers, but the reality is that those numbers are coming due to promotion, they’re curious first time listeners marketers like me target to achieve a certain result. This doesn’t mean they like your music, saves and Follows on Spotify do indicate otherwise but remember, people don’t know the benefits of following, most of them don’t even consider doing so, ask them to do it and support your career.
  2. You’re missing Marketing on all departments; what is the point of having 1 million streams on Spotify if nobody moves to your social media? And opposite case, what’s the point of having a million followers if none of them goes to listen to you? You’re depending on external marketers and money to always get your song to others. Work on converting curious listeners into followers (this is the hardest step)
  3. Build and gain control of your empire, as a marketer, I have access to tons of data from each artist I promote, what I see most is coins being thrown at a fountain waiting for a miracle to happen. Tons of money put in places that don’t work, are bots or don’t even listen to your song first when the real thing would be building a whole marketing strategy that captures people and turns them from curious listeners to fans and with time, superfans that will stay forever.
  4. People following you doesn’t mean success, you need to spend time with each person one by one, find ones to give them something to multiple of them at the same time, build a real connection. We live in a world full of issues and worries as well as over-information, don’t let them forget about you and unfollow you after some days. Most influencers are fired from their campaigns because they can’t get any of their followers to purchase a product or even Swipe up.
  5. The more people listens to you, the more chances you have to capture them ”but” work on capturing them. An email, a conversation, an inspiring story and profile are way more valuable than your music towards getting fans. Music is only a part of the product.

One great example of full organic growth is ”Talos” even though he has 300.000 monthly listeners (and it oscillates around that number monthly) He is highly recommended by Spotify because his fans (me included) can listen to his music during the whole day on repeat. Each song is beautiful, unique, soul-filling, and they blend as a catalogue in a perfect way. As you can see in the pic below, he has millions of streams on his music, this is because he has superfans. People who love you so much they can cry, connect, feel and express themselves through his music. Talos also has been performing around Europe, giving a way to his fans to experience his music in a new level.

Remember, 1 million monthly listeners or streams are useless if those people listen and leave, build one by one, create a deeper connection.

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