Soul inside a song, what we need the most

As I listen to ”Lead Me” by Janell Malkin (@JanellMalkinMusic on Instagram) I can only say, thank you.

Thanks for a perfectly balanced, emotional, soulful, joyful and inspiring song. I personally was needing her faithful message, her kind yet powerful voice and the lyrics that are wonderful to say the least.

For me, music is supposed to move feelings inside your body, mind and soul and definitely I’ll be listening to her quite more often when I need to get back on track and motivate myself, I want my life to be as fulfilling and ”Lead Me” is, evolving progressively into a full church of people inspiring me to continue, to not be alone, to follow my lead.

Thanks to discovering ”Lead Me” now I definitely follow her and listened to her whole catalogue and I’m just grateful for her sound.

What about you? Will you give Janell Malkin a chance? I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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