”Fear” a song that should never die

Some songs set the course for artists into great careers, other songs are the foundation and others are just… there, to fill up the catalogue. Sometimes, you step into an artist that has a clear spectrum of his career on each song, a well planned strategy to follow, the golden ticket on each song and I have to say, DNDMC and JPlus are those artists.

Their song ”Fear” approaches the craziness we’re living during this 2019-2020 pandemic, how the news keep remarking points of view that are just creating chaos and even though I’ll let the song here for you to judge by yourselves, I want to explain why I feel the song is a ”career defining” type of music.

”Fear” has a great structure, starting with a Chorus, adding a couple of humorous lines, having both rapers bringing their unique flow into it as well as a perfect production and instrumental. The beat does not feel repetitive at all and the stops in the lyrics bring great dynamics to the whole composition.

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