Dap! is Electric, captivating and evolving!

”Dap!” is the name of one of the new hit-song by Mr. 1up and it’s quite addictive! So much, it’s definitely going to my favourites songs. Joining this unique piece, you can find 3 more, completing a great EP with the instrumental Dap! version as well as the remix of it and another song title ”Akuma”.

”Akuma” is intriguing as if it was crafted for an action movie, it brings excitement with a bit of an oriental flavour, like pursuing a thief while running around the city at midnight.

You can foresee the intention of the talented Roudy Richardson (Mr. 1up) in each of this 4 songs and of course, listening to them here is a must!

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Itunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/dap-ep/1539313824

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