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Juice W, wonderful from beginning to end

Seeing an artist evolving their sound, picking the best of his past releases, getting inspirations from others and developing their music to a new level is what turns a fan into a super-fan and definitely Dies Nox is going in the right direction!

With a perfectly crafted new song, Dies Nox is bringing us a new fresh wave of feelings, a contrast between the uplifting 80s-like beat and the not so uplifting lyrics that talk about the struggles of early adulthood and trying to manage in the current world situation, while also paying a tribute to the phenomenal Juice WRLD that died not so long ago. The lyrics also talk about various things from my life such as: Being smashed in the club and stuck in your own head while everybody around you is having fun.

I always ask for support but in this case it’s mandatory! Leave a great comment, like and subscribe his YouTube channel to show some love!

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