Banana Biz, top of the game music

Artists like Zedd , Martin Garrix, Avicci have shaped the electronic music industry to a new level, if they had an apprentice that had grown up on a modular synthesis, that person would be Banana Biz, they might have produced something like ”Catching Shade” but in this case it wasn’t them, it was him. The California based Artist and Producer Trent Laughlin keeps delivering high quality sound, innovation towards sub-genres of electronic music, mixed vocals, new ideas and unique feelings with each song coming out. Glorious long-windedness is the order of the day when it comes to him.

Spontaneity and freedom of spirit fuel the song’s general vibe, where sounds twist at will, vocals play a unique role untethered from the functional four-bar grid of much modern electronic music. It feels like the synth constantly promise to resolve into an elegant melody when it comes to Banana Biz, each chord, each drop is a surprise.

There is something primal, instinctive and appealing about ”Catching Shade’s” rather grubby kinetic repetition. Its driving rhythm, calmness pace, climbing walls of synth, and cycling melody trigger a response that feels buried deep inside the listeners brain, suggesting a mix of emotions through the entire song that go from slowness, tranquility and calmness to dancing, freedom and spontaneity.

I don’t want you to listen to him only on Spotify, use Tidal, Napster, Pandora etc…!!

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