Powerful, with charisma and perfect sound production

Kiron and Barry Black have thrown a stone into the water and this one is resonating on each part of the ocean, and for ocean, I mean the internet. Few artists can put out such a high quality type of Urban sound, it has charisma, it has power, lyrics are well written and they both deliver precisely that, a unique single aimed to capture fans all over the world.

Is no surprise for me they’ve both achieve this with me, this song could perfectly be in a Step Up movie as an anthem for a great choreography and make history with it.

But who is Kiron? I’ve checked. bit of his biography:

Kiron R. Dawkins an American Musician, Emcee, Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist. He is most known for His voice, flow, and innovative approach to the music. Kiron R. Dawkins who performs as Kiron and Kiron Rasheed would form the foundation of His writing and delivery styles during raps golden era, often writing on top of r & b and pop classics that dominated the radio.

His music is truly a soundtrack and snapshot of life.

What else do you need me to say to go check his new single ”Ba Lee Dat”? It’s as simple as clicking play right here.





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