Deja Solo, my Jan 2021’s recommendation

It’s a new year and like everybody, I feel like renewing the music in my playlists, having multiple feelings moving around me thanks to some songs I love to play on repeat and ”Wicked Bogus, Kid” captured me from the first second to the last (and made it to my On Repeat playlist).

I had to know more, to dig deeper and I discovered a great and long catalogue of music from an alternative Rock Artists called Deja Solo. Let me introduce him to you:

Despite sporting the surname ‘Solo’, Deja Solo reaches far beyond the depths of a singular lane artist; a hip hop baby with a Rockstar’s heart. Solo spent most of his early years looking up to the likes of Chester Bennington, Eminem, Tupac Shakur and Jimi Hendrix. “Music saved my life and makes me feel like I’m not alone in my darkest hours.” says Solo “I’m just hoping my music can do the same for someone else out there.”

After some days talking a bit more with him and listening to his music, his humbleness, his sound, his voice, lyrics and his personality got me to the core of my listening experience.

I feel like sometimes as artists, we have this expectation to always do something great, or do something better than the last one. For me, music will always be my passion and it makes me come alive. But sometimes I have days where no matter how bad I want to I just can’t get that flame going. and I just feel straight up uninspired. And I feel weak. So WBK is about that feeling. That feeling when everybody around you is expecting you to have jokes but all you got is tears… and it’s wicked bogus, kid! -says Solo.

As always, a big follow on his page can make a big difference on his career so I encourage everybody to do so!

Insta: @deja_solo
Twitter: @thedejasolo

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