A hidden talent in the making! Meet Striva 1x

He is a hidden gem and I’m happy to let you know more about him and his new song coming out tomorrow! Striva 1x has the charisma of the big ones in the genre.

His music has potential and he knows it, that’s why his new song ”Sleepless Nights” has all the potential to be a full hit. First, head to his YouTube channel and leave a subscribe and hit the notification button!


If you dive in on his music you can see the amount of songs he has out, each one different and unique from the others, striving always for more and growing step by step.

One of the things I like about him is his patience, how he works on each track individually and delivers a full result, always waiting for release day patiently, ready to shoot and aim without loosing his cool.

This brings us to ”Search”. Clearly one of the best songs from him inside his genre. We love the difference between this one with others of his music that makes you move like ”AH AH”. Such a diverse catalogue!

How will ”Sleepless Night” sound? Will it be as good as the others?


Let’s find out together!

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