One band with pure passion, meet Half Way to Saint Petersburg

Good music needs a story, it needs something to hold on to, see the deeper meaning behind the artists and the lyrics and when it comes to Love, pure genuine love, Half way to Saint Petersburg is clearly the band to listen.

Inspired by the love of his life, Nathan Lackey decided to create his own band. He did it all by himself as finding rehearsal schedules, time to compose and coordinate with other band members was getting more and more complex. With his muse in mind he then started to compose, write and produce, learning all the procedure by himself and using his musical talent to guide him.
He has more than a couple songs, he is on his third album and he expects his music will be the fuel to bring him closer to Saint Petersburg, where his girl lives.

His music shows exactly that, the fire inside burning him with inspiration, the willpower to achieve the almost impossible, the courage to step up to his dreams and the soul of an artist opening himself to the world.

So far, he got over 40.000 streams on the album’s debut song “Rapid Fire”, a huge success that sounds cinematic to my ears, but this is not the only song you must aim to listen, each of the creations from his album are worth some minutes of your life. In fact, right here you can enjoy his sound without filters!

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