Suzic and her music are such a gift for the planet

I speak from the heart when I say this: Thanks Suzic, your music can move mountains and inspire anybody to dream.

For those who don’t know her, Suzic, (born in Dublin and residing in Ireland) is the mind and voice behind more than 10 different albums from multiple artists, her experience extends back to more than 25 years composing, songwriting and extending her vocal talent. She has been a part of the industry for longer than most artists and I can see that reflected on the uniqueness of her songs.

Her message for positiveness and clarity swings from an honest core. If there is any thin line between meditation and fits of ecstasy, then Suzic’s sound is able to bring you to that place.

Her musical genre is fluid but as she expresses, is titled ”Dance Pop”, a fusion of multiple genres with her personal touch and definitely it’s working as she has a worldwide audience and has been teaching younger generations about the power of hard work, persistence and flexibility towards goals.

She is an inspiring role model not only for me, but also to thousands of people out there.

One of my favourite songs that really touched me was ”Hey Hey”, the way the song develops, feeling ethereal at the intros, using a blend of elevated voices to make the listener float is what characterises her. You can find this small details on each song, details that add value to the composition and that make her catalogue easy to recognise.

As we receive more music from Suzic, I would like to encourage everybody reading to show some support via social media as well as follow her on Spotify.

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