AeromosDax left me speechless!

Some songs set the course for artists into great careers, other songs are the foundation and others are just… there, to fill up the catalogue. Sometimes, you step into an artist that has a clear spectrum of his career on each song, a well planned strategy to follow, the golden ticket on each song and I have to say, AeromosDax is that kind of artist.

To be precise, his EP ”Head of Shrining Headspace”

I’ll let the songs here for you to judge by yourselves, I want to explain why I feel the EP is a ”career defining” type of music.

Aeromos Dax is a Rapper/Producer from Bainbridge GA who has experience towards creating music that works and succeeds. His debut Mixtape ”Streams Of Conscience” available on Youtube already set the course for a career in 2019 and following it up with the project ”Feet of Clay Abdominal of debris” on Soundcloud he found a wider opportunity in the market. In 2020 Aeromos didn’t waste any time and released his third mixtape ImpostorDOOM, available on Audiomack and DatPiff.

But he didn’t stop there, he went ahead and following that up in November that year with his first album Dark Void Television. Now, in 2021 Aeromos is gearing up the release of his next album So…This Is It with the Head of Shrinking Headspace EP.

The EP can be listened right here and I want to share his social media as clearly, he is a hard working artist that deserves a follow!



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