I’m so thrilled about Rika-Rai’s new song!

Her new hit is out now and I have a lot to tell you about it! First, she is a Soul/R&B singer, vocalist and songwriter and her new song is titled ”I Love Me”. A song created during the pandemic about self-love, spending time with ourselves, self-reflection and what such a big time alone could do to us.

Great crafted singles like ”I Love Me” make me smile and sit back on my desk, take some time and breathe, remember to be grateful and love yourself. Rika-Rai has exceeded expectations with her song and I am happy to share it with you.

The song sounds cheerful, relatable, easy-listening and a great addition to playlists. It lifted my spirit and it has helped me remember to love myself and feel comfortable with who I am.

I would recommend following her on social media and listening to her song not only on Spotify, but on all platforms!




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