I’m so excited for Phoenix Fya

This is just his second song but each step he is taking in the industry is leading him towards the right direction. The amount of hard work behind it is something we can all appreciate and of course, results speak louder than words.

His new song ”Gassed Up” is here and I’m more than ready to show you his awesome music video for it!

His new hit is a master craft and is worth listening from the first to the last second!

He clearly knows how to keep his audience engaged! Few artists have the power of delivering hits that make over thousands of plays and yes, I’m definitely referring to him and ”Gassed Up”.

The song is not only available on Youtube, you can listen to it also on Spotify as well as other streaming platforms.

The song is fill with mystery and plays with a great sound that guides the song, it makes you levitate and ease your soul to the connection and delivery he offers along the lyrics, it has a deep bright level of emotion into it that hooks the listener into asking for more.

As always be sure to follow him on social media as well as Youtube!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Idjpf_FUAtw
Website: phoenixfya.com 
IG: @phoenix_the_fya 
FB: phoenix_the_fya 
Twitter: PhoenixTheFya

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