Rex Hightech Artist Spotlight

Hip Hop and rap with purpose hits way deeper that any type of song and ”Fit For This” by Rex High Tech is no exception. From a really catchy and moody instrumental and a perfectly rhymed and well thought lyrics to the great talent of a producer with a golden mind added to the mix! 

Song doesn’t feel repetitive, lyrics catch the listener’s attention and the whole composition is a great masterpiece that definitely will be hitting our playlists for long time!

”Is like he designed his catalogue thinking about the whole, and not only one single”

Songs like “Fit For This” have captured the ears of listeners around platforms, getting him a big audience on places like Spotify and Youtube.

Now, a new beat inspires change, like an artist evolving into a new path taking the best of his genre and his success into a more refined style that keeps being loyal to himself but offers differences to bring more value to his fans.



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