How do Music Labels and Brands get their IG growing so quick? The truth.

For those working with labels or big brands we all know how the game works but when somebody new in the industry walks in, they are blind to the reality, it’s time for you to learn the truth.

Probably all of us have seen big brands like Nike, Adidas, H&M… as well as big artists and celebrities (Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, The Kardashians, Ellen Degeneres…) having millions and millions of followers with hundreds arriving every minute.

How is this even possible?

Of course big amounts of money have a big part on this game but building the Clout effect has all to do with it.

So, What’s Clout Marketing? Long story short is a perfect strategy that begins with a Brand having big numbers on social media, in this case Instagram.

When a big brand or Influencer opens their account they suddenly have over 100k followers and a perfect profile with tons of pictures that magically have a massive amount of likes.

This strategy is used daily by thousands of companies because the reality is, people follow the numbers instead of the content (This is why Instagram tested and added the option to hide your likes counter)

A profile with over 10k followers is proven to get way more attention and better reactions from people, with over a 50% more chances to be followed and engaged with than those with less than 10k.

In fact, by 2019 only 10.9 percent of Instagram accounts got to the magic 10k number!

Are this accounts buying Fake Followers?

Not everybody is the same. While IG works hard towards erasing bots (computer auto-generated fake accounts), hackers on the other hand are getting better at this game and people just keep getting followed by thousands of accounts without pictures, weird names etc…

Let’s get things straight here:

  • Not everybody creates a super account with incredible pics, some people only open IG to check on others, follow inspiring accounts etc… This means, not everybody without a pic or descriptions are bots.
  • Secondary Accounts are not bots, you probably have one or two, that account you created for your friends in private, that account you did for your business idea etc… most people stop using them after few days.
  • In 2021 Instagram had over 1Billion active users, with most of them having an average of 3 accounts with 90% of them following at least 1 brand or celebrity.
  • Bots don’t have an IP (remember that IP your wifi, phone, computer etc.. have to connect to the internet?) A bot does not have this and of course is erased by instagram after some time as they clean their servers routinarly.

Hopefully this information will make you think again when you think you have bots, the Instagram Algorithm is designed to block bot action within seconds.

Have you ever liked or followed too quick and get action blocked?

This proves how strong their algorithm is towards bot actions so even though some of your followers might be a pic-less profile with a weird name, you also need to remember that new users are almost forced to follow accounts on the rise on Instagram based on their interests.

When you start growing, Instagram starts showing you to new users and potential followers so it is really common getting those accounts following you. Why don’t you try talking with them? You might be impressed when they tell you why they keep their profiles hidden.

But the sad truth is:

Hypeaditor, one of the strongest tools out there that analyzes how real an account is found out that 45% of Instagram accounts were ‘’fake’’ (wether purposely or not).

Next time you see a big influencer, remember well, nobody has a 100% real Instagram following, people trying to sell you stuff, automated accounts from hackers trying to get you to click on a link, secondary forgotten accounts from people who gave up and those ‘’check my nudes’’ female profiles that Spam DMs will keep following everybody daily, no matter how hard we all try.

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