Will is back with a full new album!

I can say with full confidence that Will is here to stay. This new album has been the perfect introduction towards the entire catalogue Will offers.

”Will Tomorrow Ever Come” is extremely catchy, not only that, is a masterpiece from the first song to the last.

Starting with a soft and gentle intro I find myself hooked to this sound and the quality delivered by Will. A well produced and greatly written album that surpasses any expectations and that keeps the mood high as an EDM solid album that nobody should miss.

The way the composition evolves, the stops to add conversations as an introduction for some songs and how he empowers the right mood into the listener is exciting to then grow into a bigger array of emotions. 

Such is the album that while listening I just wanted it to keep playing on repeat.

The Synth loops on his music make the melody feel effortless, easy on the ears and for some reason the connection with his sound happens quickly.

10 songs that are able to grasp a bright future ahead.

As always be sure to subscribe to his channel on Youtube, follow on Spotify and of course on all his social media!


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