Viva – Cielo Ambar feat Dalí

One of the beautiful things about music is that it is able to transcend the language barrier. When you’ve got talented indie producers behind the board, amazing things happen. The lyrics just become entrancing for the listener as the finishing touch to a heartfelt project. Which brings me to up and coming indie group Cielo Ambar.

To be technically accurate, Cielo Ambar is described as a project by it’s creators, Hugo González and Miky González Merlo. From the Spotify description, I can deduce that Miky does the production on these and it seems like the female vocals are the feature, Dalí. Hugo and Miky say the goal of the project is to fuse different variants of pop and rock together, making a female voice the defining characteristic of each piece. It sounds simple on its own, but any musician worth their stripes knows that this is easier said than done. Hugo and Miky do it like they’ve been mixing these genres together for ages. In fact, “Viva” is damn near close to perfect.

One thing that initially stood out to me when listening to “Viva” was the dissonant harmonies in the vocals. One thing that is really easy to mess up is harmonies that aren’t inherently easy to listen to. However, “Viva” throws that notion away with vocals from Dalí. Her harmonic movements are locked in and flow smoothly, connecting each one together as she moves from note to note, on each vocal layer. The harmonies that are created here are soothing to the “touch” and breath life into the listener as they slowly grow over time.

Which helps transition me into the overall production itself. As I mentioned earlier, Miky does the production on the Cielo Ambar project – and a phenomenal job Miky does. The musical composition of “Viva” is good enough to listen to as an instrumental – in fact, it reminds me a lot of Lacobo-Jomes and the production style he has as well. The instrumentation is unique to Cielo Ambar and doesn’t feel like presets, the synths are convincing and well mixed. “Viva” has a fleshed out musical track behind it; the vocals are just the icing on this cake.

Overall, “Viva” is a great track for anyone looking for a more emotional piece for their playlist and is hands down a perfect pop song. My Spanish is still a little rusty, so it’s hard for me to say how radio friendly this piece is, but I wouldn’t be mad if I heard it in rotation at all. In fact, I highly encourage all of you to start spinning this one as soon as possible – go have some fun and get lost in the Cielo Ambar project.

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