IcyLando: Artist Spotlight

”Sativa” is extremely catchy, not only that, is a masterpiece from the first second to the last.

Starting with a soft and catchy vintage melody we find ourselves hooked to the sound IcyLando. (@IcyLandoo on IG) delivers to us. A well produced and greatly written song that surpasses any expectations and can blend into any playlists without effort.

The way the single evolves and how he brings the right questions to the listener is exciting to then raise the energy an octave up into a mesmerising single.

Such is the uniqueness of this song that for us it could be considered a mix between Lofi Hip Hop, Rap and Old School anthem that I keep playing on repeat as it brings the melancholy of those great times were music sounded as good as ‘’Sativa’’.

The beat loop makes the melody feel ethereal, easy-listening and incredible to vibe with. Once the beat drops and the rapper starts delivering his expertise and precisely there is when the magic happens.

There is a great addition of tiny stops along the verses that complete the whole mood of the song. His flow feels organic, unique and personally crafted.

Here is where we find the strength IcyLando has and we’re left with the feeling of wanting more! We’re able to grasp the bright future ahead.

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