How to Select the perfect Marketing Manager or Agency for you

How to Select the perfect Marketing Manager or Agency for you (or your business)

– by Fer Rivero

A big part of my job lately consist on auditing other companies towards their job before new clients move under my wing, in this case ‘’The Algorithm Agency’’, but what are the signs that a marketer or company are not doing their job correctly?

I remember 8 years ago when I hired my first Marketing Agency to start promoting my Dancing, Music and projects. I was so excited and after talking via email with one of their team members I was seeing the bill they wanted to charge me promising incredible results. 800 Euros for promotional services monthly. Was it defined on what areas would it be used? No. 

Did they claim that they could make my social media, fandom and numbers grow? Absolutely but they didn’t share at all how. 

I decided to be open and trust, paid the first half (400 Euros) and got an interview after 2 weeks of knowing nothing with a wordpress blog who didn’t even review music. The worst? The questionnaire they sent me said:

  • How long have you been living in Japan? 

(I clearly said via email and in my Biography that I was living in China)

This already made my blood warm, I said politely that the questions were quite wrong and that this is not at all a 800 Euros service. The company claimed that I didn’t know about Marketing and it takes lots of time to achieve big numbers, have to start with small things and go through all this errors.

Of course, I fired them after a month of not seeing anything and lost my 400 Euros that still to this day, is a nice monthly investment budget for an Artist.

Here is where I decided to take the issue into my own hands and start studying Digital Marketing, the real one where we need to stay up to trends, study new tools and change strategies constantly. After that, I specialised on Marketing for Artists, something that you can only learn from other artist marketers and their work.

Now that you know where I come from, let me help you towards not being in the same situation I was. 

Normally a Marketing Agency leads to smaller results than having your own Agent or marketing Team. Agencies are more oriented to work with multiple common businesses, they apply the same strategies for all of them and as they have people under a fixed salary, they only worry to give certain results.

On the other hand, a personalised Marketing Manager, a team or Agent will give more priorities to your Strategy only, they will adapt to your evolving needs and as their salaries and payment depend on it, they will work harder to get results.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. An Agency will use normal tools like Google/Facebook Ads, post on Instagram, put a CRM to input the new clients you get etc…. this is good for a normal business like Bakeries, Restaurants, Hotels, common Shops etc…

You’ve probably noticed that big brands, companies and Artists have their own Marketing Team. Having people working daily on a special goal that aligns fully with your vision leads to way bigger results.

All that said, here are some tips and flags you need to have in mind:

Positive Behaviours of a Marketer/Agency

  • When they’re active on social media, dynamic on their strategies, spend some time explaining and talking to the client.
  • If the Strategy leads to results and they try to optimise getting bigger results without asking for massive amounts of money.
  • If they offer tools and help towards your questions and needs, keep you updated on things and even show you some data.

Results speak for itself, be aware that most times Agencies ask for amounts of money that are way too high and do the minimum possible claiming is too hard, the topic is not interesting and related excuses to cover the lack of results.

Negative Behaviours of a Marketer/Agency

  • When the Agency can’t deliver results, they will probably put excuses or claim that is the normal, all investment on good Marketing brings results.
  • If they refuse to send any money back even though they didn’t use it (or discount it from next invoices)
  • If you feel they’re doing the minimum, probably they are
  • When there is almost no connection with your project and it feels too automatic, like they don’t really care about your vision, only your money.

Remember that your time is valuable, I remember this big Agency with awards who would do a video call monthly to each client with beautiful PDFs and presentations but the reality was, the results were almost 0. If you feel that they’re trying to cover something then is best you get an auditor for them or ask any marketing expert.

I hope this helps you on your journey to success!

For more Marketing info you can contact me here or my company on the link below.

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How to Select the perfect Marketing Manager or Agency for you by Fer Rivero

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