Time to meet AeromosDax

“The Rehearsal of Envision” by AeromosDax is a strong choice to play along your day.

The song begins with confidence and power, hitting the listener with the right word as a speech initiates it. I was feeling curious and drawn to listen to more as the instrumental started, but that, that was only the introduction.

AeromosDax’s rap is quite on point, a slow paced rhythm that guides us through the story. It feels authentic, unapologetic and it matches some sentences from his lyrics like ”I’m a Misfit”

But who is him?

Aeromos Dax is an MC/Poet/Producer from Bainbridge, Georgia who began recording in 2019 with his debut mixtape Streams Of Conscience and has remained prolific ever since. Following it up in December that year with his Feet of Clay Abdominal of Debris mixtape, along with his Imposter DOOM mixtape and debut album Dark Void Television in 2020. In 2021 Aeromos has only stepped up its pace with a stretch between March through June where Aeromos released 4 projects. his mixtapes Enabled (a series of So… This is it B-Sides), Class Act Vol. 1 (a series of songs he wrote in high school but never recorded up until that point.) his megamix mixtape/EP Chrono Trigger and Cabin Fever, And His sophomore album So… This is it. He specializes in abstract musings with offbeat imagery and storytelling.

I definitely can agree and say, he is a Poet, he uses words in ways that capture our minds and the result is brilliant to say the least.

Be sure to follow him via IG as well as showing some love on Spotify!


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