Time to meet a great mix: Dav!D&Clara

”Ain’t no such thing” is their new song and as an artist listening to him for the second time I can only say that I see a great path for him ahead.

Like fresh air to my ears, Dav!D&Clara have achieved what few artists can with their music. They are getting the numbers all the way up via Spotify and social media thanks to this song as well as ”Earth Shaker” a Experimental Pop mood blended with an unique style to create a track filled with emotional richness and lushful tones, inspired by modern day instruments and new influences.

Simple great chords are used to accentuate the songs. However, sewn into the track, hidden among the soothing and dulcet melodies and lush synthesizers highlight intricate details scattered across the track, transforming into complex, propulsive, and soulful melodies, highlighting their recovery from experiences that they have faced and their desire to tell their story.

Be sure to stay tuned because it won’t be the first time I talk about Dav!D&Clara and their awesome talent!

The songs are available on all streaming platforms can also be listened here!


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