”Potatoes On Mars’’ might be the perfect album

Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice know how to put in the work and the result is an excellent album that elevates their catalogue of music to a new level.

Each song is unique, different, well crafted and filled with soul and emotion.

“Keep On Searching”, the first song of the album left me speechless with the big vocal risk they’re taking, setting a great beginning song to introduce the whole project of this album. “Song Of Nothing” might be one of my favourites from the album, a beautiful ballad that changes completely the mood and tells the listener to expect the unexpected. This is not a 1 Genre only album, is a blend, a mix and a well balanced compilation.

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Each of the instrumentals, created by the band are just wonderful, beautifully composed and bringing different elements into each song to clearly set them apart from the others.

The singer’s voice leads throughout the whole album while delivering an outstanding performance full of wit, passion, emotions and raw power. ”Among The Stars”, was for me a more fun and funk song filled with high keys and strong vocal techniques.

The 4th song, “Potatoes On Mars”, was unexpected for me, felt like they were bringing a bit of country taste into it, but still, I couldn’t find one of the songs that really marked me and left me speechless.

“Jupiter And The Galilean Moons”  came by and did exactly that, it got me from the start, made me imagine my entire journey and as I’ve always loved cinematic music, this song didn’t let me down.

9 minutes of a journey around their universe, mind and composition that felt effortless to listen to. Strings, choirs of multiple voices, echo sounds, water and space noises… it is like watching a movie and I loved it.

When it comes to titles, they know how to engage the listener. By the time you reach “Go Fishing In The Ocean Of Enceladus”, you begin to understand the universe Andrea is moving us to. The sound goes deep, the drums are fresh and moody yet simple and relaxed, the flow is in the right place and we’ve felt how he could sync with us with each second of the song, preparing us for “Pale Blue Dot”, the mid-song in the album, filled with cultures and vibrations, heroes, superstars and love.

Songs like “Goldilocks Zone” show us the quality of mixing and mastering the album has, playing with the guitars on stereo channels, sinking us into a deeper tone while Pizzo’s voice guides you along with a beautiful story, it felt like a movie, filled with mermaids, bards and taverns where stories were shared. 

A great rock beat that feels powerful, complex and authentic changes the pace of the album when we arrive at “Masters Of The Galaxy”, one of the most Rock songs in the entire compilation. It sets the mood along with the band but still keeps tiny futuristic sounds that blend perfectly with the guitar riffs.

If “Masters Of The Galaxy” was strong, then “Road To Universe” is the next level when it comes to Riffs and guitar showoffs. Voice and mixed influences from the whole album surprised us hitting right in within this song, changing in the middle to a nice and soft piano that gets back to rock vibes!

The amount of effort put into the 11 tracks is undeniable and that is because, there is still one more song that sounds more special, unique and cheerful than the others, “Starship To Heaven”, a great way to close the whole immersive experience for any listener who like us, made it through the whole album with a smile on our faces.

Great rhythm along the entire work, filled with essence, passion, grit and the determination that makes you feel alive! “Potatoes On Mars” is catchy, easy listening and has a great tempo along the journey. 

The best news? They have tons of music in their catalogue. Be sure to stay tuned by following on social media as well as showing your support!

Website: https://andreapizzo1977.wixsite.com/purplemice/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andreapizzo1977/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mrpink77
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7EVlN5lRqIfrLnVRoCEu9Q?si=ZqrA3TGPTqCxgFqCj3vevQ
AppleMusic: https://music.apple.com/it/artist/andrea-pizzo/1513307044
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2LbfFwaXobpywGSJY_0kZg

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