Spook and Jay Chanel know how to make some noise!

You know you’re up for something big when your song keeps growing on all platforms and has captured the ears of so many fans and reviewers. Spook is the ultimate Rapper! Yes, We’re talking about ”Android’’, a Hip Hop Anthem feat Jay Chanel that will move along with them for the years to come.

We love how catchy the song is, he doesn’t need a powerful beat to destroy his opponents, he rather has a nice Old School oriented instrumental where he builds this single into perfection, bringing a different angle into the song and elevating it with Jay Chanel rapping in it as well.

However, he is pure fire, he speaks the truth on each of his songs, the lyrics are extremely honest and to be fair, we all share his thoughts. The wit, the power, style and uniqueness to deliver perfectly crafted songs like “Android” is just beyond the average rapper on streaming platforms. For us, he exceeded expectations with this release and earned a deserved spot in our playlists.

This is all we could ask for as listeners, Hip Hop/Rap music over a great beat that feels authentic and sets the mood when the voice and mixed influences hit right in. Nice honest lyrics and great rhythm, this keeps his essence alive and elevates his music to a new level! The song is catchy, easy listening, has a great tempo and we are feeling it so much it was worth every second of our time. And we even have a music video with it!

Sound goes deep, beats are fresh and moody yet powerful and complex, flow is in the right place and we’ve felt how he could sync with me with each second from his new single. Jay Chanel doesn’t stay behind though! She shines during her lines and the way she raps brings the song to perfection.

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This track is a single from Spook’s album “Unreleased Music” the link to the album is below


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