“When Dreams End” sounds just wonderful!

If there was a way to jump into a bigger market and set himself in a great position that’s clear with al LP like ”When Dreams End”

The talented artist Chris St John deserves our Artist Spotlight!

His music is positive, empowering, cheerful, full of love and a blessing to our ears! Now he is back with new music and I’m up for it!

Apart from the great lyrics I have a lot to say about these hits. First Chris St John’s voice here is wonderful, to say the least, his voice is so comfortable to listen to, feels warm and familiar. Ahead of that, I love how much work there is into creating this video, not only his whole visual covers are always flawless, he is proving that you only need your inspiration and a bit of imagination to create something interesting that engages with the audience properly.

The verses are genius, he breaks the tempo of the song and offers a different type of sound, making him one of my favourite artists. I simply kept listening and listening without even thinking about it.

But who is he?

Chris St John has been prolific, having written 3 LPs in just over a year – I’m Dreaming in 2021, and Fly Away,released in early 2022.  

Now he has announced the release of When Dreams End, available on all major music platforms September 2, 2022.  Although Chris will have CDs and merchandise for sale on his website www.chrisstjohn.com, he isgenerously offering free digital downloads for fans.  “I don’t want people to pay for a digital download.  I want people to listen to and enjoy my music,” said St. John.

“This album started as a single, turned into an EP, and then became an LP.  I was working on one single, but other melodies and songs came into my head, so I kept writing.  It all became a cohesive body of work, and somehow what was intended to be the single became the title track to the album When Dreams End.   I wrote the actual single “Lost Without Your Love”, just in time to record.

St John has had 4 number one hits on the World and European Indie charts, and several other top ten hits.  “I’m just glad people like what I have to say,” said St John. “I hope they like the new LP.”

The album was cut at Darkhorse and Sound Emporium studios in Nashville, with some of Music City’s most renowned session musicians. The album is produced by renowned artist and producer Stephen Wrench.

The whole composition of each song is spotless, the LP is quite easy to engage with and the whole writing of the singles is perfectly crafted from 0 to a professional final product that I hope thousands of people relate to as I did.

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