SlimeyDarro doesn’t disappoint with his music

SlimeyDarro’s last single is reaching out to us through hip hop beats and great rap moods that move beyond our expectations.

He is doing way more than just rapping, he is creating perfection and magic around the lyrics, founding and ambient that won’t dissipate for a long time and of course, bringing a new feeling to the song that for me, it became one of my favourites.

Apart from the wonderful image he is crafting around himself and his music and a great back background team that makes him look flawless, the elegance of his sound is beyond compare. We’re standing in front of an artist that will keep growing and delivering quality to the audience.

One of the things that characterise SlimeyDarro after listening to him for the first time was the tone of voice and how it blends perfectly with the beat creating a well-balanced mix, the way the rapper keeps the intention and the mood flowing along during the entire song… is not acting, he is clearly feeling each word and this song is a wonderful gift for us.

Such is the mood of this song that I want you to show some support by following SlimeyDarro on his Spotify, Apple Music as well as subscribing to his Youtube channel.

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